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« It all started when Coluche came to my dressing room :
- Hey, we need a song for the Restos du Cœur,
   something that can become a hit. You know how to do it !
- For when ?
- Next week..
Everything was already there : the strength of Coluche, the strength of the idea, the seduction of both, and the impossible that becomes possible.
And everything is still there. Except for him. »
Jean-Jacques Goldman

21st January 2015
First concert of the Enfoires 2015
12th January 2015
Second sales information for the Enfoires 2014
8th January 2015
Toute la vie

13th January 2015 : Second ticket sales
21st January 2015 : Wednesday Concert (8.00 pm)
22nd January 2015 : Thursday Concert (8.00 pm)
23rd January 2015 : Friday Concert (8.00 pm)
24th January 2015 : Saturday Concert (8.00 pm)
25th January 2015 : Sunday Concert (1.00 pm)
25th January 2015 : Sunday Concert (8.00 pm)
26th January 2015 : Monday Concert (8.00 pm)


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